Paragliding Sicily: Your wings for over 20 years

Look out onto a lookout ... looking through an airplane window ... closing your eyes before falling asleep ... have you ever dreamed of FLYING?

We are open all year!

Deposit for booking

€ 50

Paragliding Flight SILVER

PROMO € 150

Volo Parapendio Gold

PROMO € 200

Our Prices

Paragliding Flight € 150 per person - Paragliding Flight + Video € 200 per person - Pickup / DropOff Shuttle Service € 20 extra pp.


Thanks to all of you!
For rewarding us!


Make happy
who's close to you!

make big dreams come true!

Our professional pilots, officers of the Aero Club of Italy, are selected among the best in Italy to allow you to realize this dream with them.